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[Condor-users] Third-party file staging with Condor-G


The following message thread shows (I think) that third-party file staging 
(from/to a GridFTP server different than the submission host) is not 
implemented in Condor-G and currently not possible:


The most recent suggestion in that thread was to use a substitution macro 
in order to refer to the matched target GT4 host:


However, I can't see how this alone could solve the staging problem. The 
required transferCredentialEndpoint must refer to a piece of data which
1) has to be created by Condor before the WS-GRAM job is created (this 
possibly only occurs if you specify input_files/output_files?)
2) has to be known by id to the job submitter - but I didn't find any 
macro which would expand to this id

So I guess I have to repeat the original question: is WS-GRAM-level 
third-party file staging possible with Condor-G somehow, nevertheless? If 
not, are there any plans to implement it? The quickest hack which would 
already bring big improvement would be to make it possible to inject one 
or more <transfer> elements into the Condor-generated <transferRequest> 

Jan Ploski