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[Condor-users] How RANK works in Condor?

Hi Condor develper and users,

I have a question about RANK in Condor which is confusing me: as I understand from the Condor manual, RANK is used in match making, that is, when jobs are competing (bidding) for a vacant machine slot, the one with higher RANK will be awarded the slot given other requirements are met. If there are already some lower RANK jobs running in the pool, when a higher RANK job is submitted the lower RANK running jobs will not be preempted (removed, killed, terminated) to release the occupied slots to the waiting higher RANK jobs. That is, higher RANK jobs are not guaranteed to get slot immediately when they are submitted. Is my understanding right? I just want to make sure whether newly coming higher RANK jobs will kick out lower RANK ones even if they are in executing, or the higher RANK jobs will have to wait until lower RANK ones are finished.