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> I've 10 P4 HT and I configured COUNT_HYPER... = TRUE and 
> NUM_CPUS=2, etc, but when I submit a job without specifiying 
> vm1 or vm2 (uses both) it takes the same time when I specify 
> that the job should be executed only in vm1. ¿Can anybody 
> help me? Tahnks!

Omitting a constraint that limits a job to specific slot doesn't assign both slots to a job when a claim occurs. It just means you don't care which slot your job runs in so Condor puts it in any slot on any machine that matches the rest of your job's constraints.

Further to this: your jobs aren't limited to using a single thread *ever* by Condor. You can spawn multiple threads from any job if you like. Condor doesn't impose any sort of parallelization restrictions on your processes. I could have two jobs land on a 2 slot machine and each could spawn a hundred threads and Condor does nothing to prevent or encourage this.

So if you're jobs aren't running faster perhaps it's because they're not parallelized? Or if they are they aren't spawning threads properly? I'd check your executable in either case.

- Ian

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