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Hi Ian:
Thanks for your answer! My problem is that the executable must do 1.800
runs and the submit file has queue = 40.
I tried to run the job 3 runs instead of 1.800 just to obtain some results
faster, and if I put just vm1 or vm2 the execution time doubled (aprox)
the execution time when I didn't specified vm1 or vm2.
Now I must obtein results with 1.800 runs, and the times are the same,
more or less.  What can happen? Please and Thanks!

>> I've 10 P4 HT and I configured COUNT_HYPER... = TRUE and
>> NUM_CPUS=2, etc, but when I submit a job without specifiying
>> vm1 or vm2 (uses both) it takes the same time when I specify
>> that the job should be executed only in vm1. ¿Can anybody
>> help me? Tahnks!
> Omitting a constraint that limits a job to specific slot doesn't assign
> both slots to a job when a claim occurs. It just means you don't care
> which slot your job runs in so Condor puts it in any slot on any machine
> that matches the rest of your job's constraints.
> Further to this: your jobs aren't limited to using a single thread *ever*
> by Condor. You can spawn multiple threads from any job if you like. Condor
> doesn't impose any sort of parallelization restrictions on your processes.
> I could have two jobs land on a 2 slot machine and each could spawn a
> hundred threads and Condor does nothing to prevent or encourage this.
> So if you're jobs aren't running faster perhaps it's because they're not
> parallelized? Or if they are they aren't spawning threads properly? I'd
> check your executable in either case.
> - Ian
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