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[Condor-users] Condor 7 on Vista


    I have only rejoined the list recently, but am testing Vista on Condor, using version 7. We have a pool of about 170 machines in our pool at Essex, mostly XP, and  a SuSE central manager.

It is possible to submit a job from a Vista machine into this pool, e.g. a java HelloWorld, but not submit to the Vista machine. It appears that it does not recognise the condor_status –java command, as the Vista machine as having been set up to run Java programs, I have not yet tested C programs.

   I must admit I changed the Java parameters after the initial setup, which may be part of the problem; and just wondered whether other users had actually used Vista machines in a pool, as unfortunately a lot of our Labs are being updated this summer.

  I would welcome any response as to what others have been doing, as regards Vista.

Many thanks