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[Condor-users] Log path errors after drive change


After migrating our condor log and submit data server to a new storage things broke instantly. I found messages like these in the schedd and shadow logs:

6/14 16:06:07 Called reschedule_negotiator()
6/14 16:06:07 Successfully created sched universe process
6/14 16:06:07 UserLog::initialize: safe_fopen_wrapper("x:\temp/u:/projects/test/1213452366/submitscripts/1213452367.dag.dagman.log") failed - errno 22 (Invalid argument) 6/14 16:06:07 WARNING: Invalid user log file specified: x:\temp/u:/projects/test/1213452366/submitscripts/1213452367.dag.dagman.log
6/14 16:06:07 Starting add_shadow_birthdate(2006815.0)

Somehow the log paths got scrambled, although the paths are ok in the DAG submit files and the DAG output log. (x:/temp is the CWD and u:/... is the real log file.)
By the way safe_fopen_wrapper was nowhere to be found in the old logs.