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[Condor-users] native Condor packages 7.1.0 on Debian Stable

Dear list,

I have now built native debian packages for current debian stable from
sources. The packages work fine for vanilla universe. There have been no
tests for standard universe by now.

Packages for architectures "i386" and "amd64" are available by adding

  deb http://itp.tugraz.at/Comp/debian/  etch main

to "/etc/apt/sources.list" and call "apt-get install condor" or install

Sources are available at

To compile in my 64 bit environment, I had to use this options:


This is based on previous work from Peter Tröger (all of debconf) and me.

Andreas Hirczy
Andreas Hirczy <ahi@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>                   http://itp.tugraz.at/~ahi/
Graz University of Technology                        phone: +43/316/873-   8190
Institute of Theoretical and Computational Physics     fax: +43/316/873-10 8190
Petersgasse 16, A-8010 Graz                         mobile: +43/664/859 23 57