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Re: [Condor-users] Running jobs without 'nobody'

I don't spot anything wrong in your use of Condor's file-transfer mechanism. As you have configured things, any output files that exist in the working directory of your job will be transferred back to InitialDir on the submit machine.

Does your job change its working directory so that output files are created somewhere else? If so, that would explain the problem. Condor expects output files to be left behind by the job in the temporary scratch directory created for the job by Condor. When the job starts up, this will be its working directory.


Romain wrote:

Thank you for your fast answer!

Yes this would be a great solution but I thought I already used the file transfer mechanism in my submit_file:

Universe = vanilla
Executable = /software/guiswarm/swarm-2.2/bin/javaswarm
Log = condor_log
Error = condor_error
Output = condor_output
getenv = true
requirements = jaswa && ((( OpSys == "SOLARIS29" ) && ( Arch == "SUN4u" )) || (( OpSys == "SOLARIS28" ) && ( Arch == "SUN4u" )))
should_transfer_files = YES
when_to_transfer_output = ON_EXIT
transfer_input_files = /source/Simul.class, /source/BatchSwarm.class, /source/Beq0.class, /source/Cell.class, /source/DNA.class, /source/DsupK.class, /source/incorrectValue.class, /source/Individual.class, /source/Map.class, /source/missingValue.class, /source/ModelSwarm.class, /source/noEnoughValues.class, /source/ObserverSwarm.class, /source/Param.class, /source/Plant.class, /source/Project.class, /source/Seed.class, /source/Specie.class, /source/SwarmUtils.class
InitialDir = /home/rb6141/2june/source/
Arguments = Simul -cfg /home/rb6141/2june/config_file

Is there something wrong in it or something I need to change to be able to store the output files as the same user id that submitted the job?

Cheers Romain


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