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[Condor-users] FW: Logon Failure: unknown user name or bad password

Hello to all condor guru and condor community;

I am writing today because I need your expert advice on condor matters, I am a newbie in condor but in my company we were able to setup a condor mixed farm of 3 Linux and 3 windows systems that in total compiles the muscle of 16 processors, the central manager resides on a windows machine. I have two questions:


1) I am trying to run a job for a windows batch file, the description file is the following:

universe = vanilla

requirements = (Arch == "INTEL" && OpSys == "WINNT51")

rank = (machine == "machine1.domain.com")


initialdir = c:\condor\execute_bk

should_transfer_files = YES

when_to_transfer_output = ON_EXIT

executable = \\Filename\ShareFolder\Shared_Folder1\bat\sbai_name_1213732458840_flattenShp.bat

output = user1_Machine2_1213715741267_lasDHZg.out.$(Process)

error = user1_Machine2_1213715741267_lasDHZg.err.$(Process)

log = user1_Machine2_1213715741267_lasDHZg.log

queue 1

The specific names had been replaced by generic names but in general the description file remains intact. I have no problems submitting the job, claiming the machine, etc but it errors out all the time, the error log came back with the following message: Logon Failure: unknown user name or bad password. I noticed that in all condor computers there is a condor user (condor-reuse-vm1) that was not created by me so I assumed it was created by the installation process itself. I am assuming the jobs are running under that condor user, is there a way to run those jobs as me. Trying to give access to those condor users is against our company policy. ? If there is a way to change that what do I need to do in the condor_config to use our domain accounts?


2) Second question, I have tried to run other batch files but those ones failed because they required to have a mapped drive, is there a way to mapped drives through condor or to use the machine mapped drives where you submit the files?

Thanks in advance for your help!!!



Alex Alas

Systems Administrator
Fugro Domain Inc.

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