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[Condor-users] Condor-C with transfer_executable=false [Sec=Unclassified]

Didn’t get any answers to this problem when I last submitted it so having another go with the hope that someone out there migth know what is going on or can help me track down the problem.

When I submit a job to Condor-C using a pre-staged executable and the following submit file:


Universe = grid

Executable = /usr/local/bin/casal

Arguments = -e -O mpd.dat

Error = Error.txt

Output = Output.txt

Log = Condor.txt


transferinputfiles = estimation.csl, population.csl, output.csl, mpd.dat

shouldtransferfiles = True

whentotransferoutput = ON_EXIT

transfer_executable = False


grid_resource = condor erm-43880.yyy.zzz erm-43880.yyy.zzz

+remote_requirements = Arch == "X86_64" && OpSys == "LINUX"

+remote_universe = vanilla

+remote_shouldtransferfiles = "YES"

+remote_whentotransferoutput = "ON_EXIT"



The execute machine is failing because it is trying to find the executable in the spool directory:


6/6 03:48:48 About to exec /opt/condor-6.9.3/local.ERM-43880/spool/cluster7.proc0.subproc0/casal -e -O mpd.dat

6/6 03:48:48 Env = _CONDOR_SCRATCH_DIR=/opt/condor-6.9.3/local.amlr-svr4/execute/dir_8572 _CONDOR_SLOT=1

6/6 03:48:48 Create_Process: Cannot access specified executable "/opt/condor-6.9.3/local.ERM-43880/spool/cluster7.proc0.subproc0/casal": errno = 2 (No such file or directory)

6/6 03:48:48 ERROR "Create_Process(/opt/condor-6.9.3/local.ERM-43880/spool/cluster7.proc0.subproc0/casal,-e -O mpd.dat, ...) failed" at line 420 in file os_proc.C


Is this a bug? 

Or is there a way around the problem, without doing a file transfer on the executable every time?

Is there a remote variable I should be using to have transfer_executable parameter passed through to execute machine?

I am submitting from a windows machine to the linux central manager of a linux pool of execution machines.

Is it a permissions problem due to execution machine now receiving a job from troy_rob@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx?





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