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Re: [Condor-users] work directorie

Condor creates a scratch directory for the job inside of the Condor's EXECUTE directory. The location of this directory is passed to the job in an environment variable _CONDOR_SCRATCH_DIR. This scratch directory is automatically cleaned up by Condor.

However, there is nothing stopping the job from creating files in other directories that Condor does not automatically clean up. In such cases, you may need to periodically clean out old unneeded files that have accumulated. On unix systems, the 'tmpwatch' tool is useful for this purpose.


Eduardo Bach wrote:

Hello to all,

First, please forgive my terrible English.
I'm starting to use the condor, so be patience.
Looking at the size of scratch directory in worker nodes, I realized that some jobs leave the farm without deleting your files in this directory. My
first reaction was to try to list the directories used by the current jobs in the scratch, and delete the rest of the files, which must be of jobs'
files already completed. Well, with the command condor_q -l job_id I encounter a lot of information, including the variable Iwd, which I think should
give some folder in the scratch, but to my surprise this variable points to the home of the job's owner. I even found a reference to the directory
scratch with this command, but nothing specific like a directory created just for this job. Then comes my question: is the condor that create this
directory to the job? if so how to get this information?

Tank's in advanced.
Eduardo Bach
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