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[Condor-users] Job-finish requirement

Hey Condor users,

is there a way to specify, either in a job ClassAd, with DAGMan, or some other way in Condor, that a job should not run until another already queued job has finished?

I am aware that you can submit a set of new jobs with dependencies between them with DAGMan, but it isnt obvious to me how you can construct a constraint for a job so that it depends on the completion of a job that is already queued.

I'm also aware that in the job classad's requirements, the prefix MY is available to reference attributes in the same classad, and the prefix TARGET is available to reference attributes in the (potential) target machine's ClassAd. However again, it isnt obvious to me how to reference another job's ClassAd attributes in requirements _expression_.


PS - one way that I can think of to do this is to submit jobs on hold and have some custom external process (submitted in the scheduler universe) which monitors the queue. The process could release jobs at the right time when other jobs are finished. however, it would be ideal if this were possible without such a custom process. Thanks again!