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[Condor-users] CondorView Server [TimeGraph not loading]

Dear all,

I just installed CondorView contrib module, and I found myself ended up with a partly working system.

First of all, where should I download the module from:
http://parrot.cs.wisc.edu/contrib.license.html and then the very last one: Version 2.0 (view_client) ??

Now, I have two question: The first one, is it possible to specify more than one view host (CONDOR_VIEW_HOST)? We have a general purpose central view host for every single pool we have and second one is needed for individual pool to display detail information about the local pool.

The second problem (the main one) is with displaying data - the graph is not coming up, and the error reported by the Java console: TimeGraph.class is not found.
does any one know what might be the problem?

Any help greatly appreciated.