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Re: [Condor-users] native Condor packages 7.1.0 on Debian Stable

Andreas Hirczy wrote:
Steffen Grunewald <steffen.grunewald@xxxxxxxxxx> writes:

		csh, flex, rsync
Actually, that did the trick.


I'm surprised that the package is only about 1/3 the size of the one built
from the binary tarball for RHEL3/X86_64. Most binaries are about 50-60%
the size; some are missing (probably due to the --without-* options used).
There's only a small portion of the lib/condor/ entries.

I think, glibc contributes a major part to the size of the prebuilt binaries
- at least it takes ages to compile. I have currently reduced the
without-options to:

--without-gahp --without-glibc

We are not really interested in Globus, but I wouldd still like to get
glibc-support - did not have time for test with older compilers today.

And, condor.init needs work - there are three of them:

 3814 Mar  5 22:15 ./src/condor_examples/condor.init
 1997 Nov  8  2007 ./src/packaging/deb/debian/condor.init
 1188 Jun 18 11:55 ./debian/condor.init

where src/condor_examples/condor.init already contains the LSB entries; the
last two files only differ in a comment block (meaning that Condor developers
themselves haven't ported the debian tree yet)

I will later try src/condor_examples/condor.init - this one is by the condor
team, but it seems to be written for redhat.


src/condor_examples/condor.init was written on a Red Hat system. src/condor_examples/condor.boot.generic is more generic and may work for your purposes. The src/packaging/deb/ files have not been touched in quite some time, but the condor.init from there is likely a better fit for a Debian system than the others.