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Re: [Condor-users] Delay on submit, and other newbie issues

Quoting Matthew Farrellee, from the post of Mon, 23 Jun:
> > 1. when I submit a job it only starts running in a slot some 10-20
> > seconds later. is that the 30 second interval for matching? can I set
> Yes, the NEGOTIATOR_INTERVAL. You can make it shorter, but when you have 
> hundreds of thousands of jobs in your system later I'd not recommend it.

It's not that kind of workload, we'll be running 8-12 parallel jobs at
the most on our 16 current slots, we just want them to always run on the
most available and non-disruptive slot.

I've shorten it to 3 sec, and it still seems like it's 10-15 seconds
until a job starts. I'll clock it more closely and see what I find.

> > 2. when I use "condor_q" I can see the job is running but not which slot
> > was allocated for it, and could not  find a switch to add such a
> > coloumn. what have I missed?
> condor_q -run

ahh.. nice..  however I see that I can only see jobs I submitted on the
same machine by default...
wait, found it... condor_q -global. Can I make it the default somehow to
do I need to wrap that in an alias?

also, I see jobs submitted from other hosts are not in the same
"cluster"? I thought all my queue entries are submitted to the same

I can't seem to use condor_rm to manage the queue if I'm not logged on
to the same machine (unless I missed something again). It's very
confusing that job monitoring and management is not symetric like that.
I'm not sure why this is, but more importantly, how do I fix this?

> > up a single core anyway. I could not find anywhere to define jobs that
> > may parallelize (like "make" forking two compilers or a JVM splitting to
> > threads) and how to tell about them to the manager
> Check out the Parallel Universe

ahh, yes, time to figure out those universe notions :) I'll look into

> I'll let someone else field the FlexLM question in more detail.

Thanks for all your help so far!

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