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Re: [Condor-users] Double about condor

Condor is licensed under the Apache License (same license as the Apache web server), which means I'm pretty sure you can use it without fees. As with any legal question, especially one concerning a business, it's best to get an approval from company lawyers. There may be clauses in the license they find unacceptable (some companies have problems with requirement a to give changes back/make code available to the community), or they may have a policy to go through to approve usage of Open Source Software. Here's more information about the Apache License:


As to your second question, how do you have PC1 and PC2 configured? Are you trying to make PC2 be the execute node, and PC1 the collector/negotiator/etc? Are you able to run jobs on PC1?


aecsalome wrote:
I am "new" in "condor software" , for this, in advance, sorry if I boering you about 02 simple double about it: - Is Condor a GNU distribuition, or be, I can use it im my company for free? Or only the "vanila" mode?
       (it is not clear in License terms)
- I instaled condor in my PC1 Home and work well. When I instaled in other machine PC2 trying join the job in a same pool in PC1, not work. Is there a exemple that how I need to do to the PC1 use processor in PC2?
(I was using windows and after redhat linux)
Thanks a lot for future answer
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