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[Condor-users] Double about condor

I am "new" in "condor software" , for this, in advance, sorry if I boering you about 02 simple double about it:
- Is Condor a GNU distribuition, or be, I can use it im my company for free? Or only the "vanila" mode?
       (it is not clear in License terms)
- I instaled condor in my PC1 Home and work well. When I instaled in other machine PC2 trying join the job
in a same pool in PC1, not work. Is there a exemple that how I need to do to the PC1 use processor in PC2?
(I was using windows and after redhat linux)
Thanks a lot for future answer

Alexandre Salomé

Fiat Automóveis S.A.
Rodovia Fernão Dias, km 429
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– Betim – MG
Tel.: (31) 2123-7528
E-mail: alexandre.salome@xxxxxxxxxxx