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[Condor-users] HELP REQUESTED -- ERROR: Internal ld was not invoked!

Title: HELP REQUESTED -- ERROR: Internal ld was not invoked!

Dear Condor Users:

I am having problems using condor_compile.  I am working on RHEL4.5, x86-64 (Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4, Update 5).  I am using Condor Standalone checkpointing (not full Condor install) for Condor 7.0.2, x86-64 version with RHEL3 binaries, as recommended by the manual, section 1.5.

In terms of my own installation procses...I just copied condor_compile to /usr/bin and edited the CONDOR_LIBDIR=`condor_config_val LIB` to: CONDOR_LIBDIR=*install_path_of_condor_lib*, in this case "/usr/bin/Condor_standalone/lib".  I followed the Condor Standalone install instructions at this url, http://www.sc.ehu.es/acwmialj/ptech/checkpointing.html 

Whenever I try to compile a simple c program, I get the following error:

condor_compile gcc -o test.condor test.c
ERROR: Internal ld was not invoked!
ERROR: Executable may not be linked properly for Condor!
ERROR: For users of Condor on Linux, we highly recommend
ERROR: using the default compiler that came with the
ERROR: distribution. Usually placing /usr/bin first in
ERROR: your path will remedy this error.
ERROR: To learn more about this error, visit this web page:
ERROR: http://www.cs.wisc.edu/condor/manual/faq.html
ERROR: and read the FAQ entry about this problem for your
ERROR: revision of Condor.

I've changed by path to list /usr/bin first, but still the same error persists.  Can anyone help me? Thanks.

- Jerod