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Re: [Condor-users] HoldReason = "Streaming not supported"

On Jun 23, 2008, at 6:50 PM, Sean Manning wrote:

 I am working on a Web Services interface to submit jobs to our Globus
grid.  It uses the condor and birdbath Java packages.  We can
successfully submit the attached JDL on the command line of a condor
head node (the metascheduler of our grid)  and see it complete, but
when we submit it with the Java program from an external Condor client
machine the job stays Idle then Halts with an error.  Running the
condor daemons as root got rid of one error, but now we get another
one: HoldReason = "Streaming not supported".  I can't find any
information about this error in the usergroup archives.  Does anyone
here have an idea what could be causing this?

For GT4 GRAM jobs, if StreamOut and StreamErr aren't explicitly set to False in the job ad, then Condor assumes you want stdout and stderr to be streamed, which isn't supported by Condor for GT4 GRAM jobs. This appears to be a bug, as the default behavior for other job types is no streaming.

If you add the following two attributes to your job ads, it should eliminate the problem:
StreamOut = False
StreamErr = False

Thanks and regards,
Jaime Frey
UW-Madison Condor Team