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Re: [Condor-users] Dynamically changing classADs values.

Hey Johnson,
If you want to update the Job's ClassAd from within the job, you have
two other options besides the condor_qedit. One is to use the Chirp
API, which will update the scheduler's job classad within the job:
Updates in this manner won't affect the local StardAds that are
referencing the Job attributes (those are set once when the job
matches from the startd). This should enable you to update a job's
progress and can be referenced in the Negotiators

To work around the updated job ad attributes being accessible in the
STARTD expressions which both chirp and the method Matt mentioned
suffer from, the second option is the executable can write status out
to a file labeled according to the slot id. This information can be
processed by STARTD_CRON processes to update the slot's attributes,
which can then be used to cause preemption when the job isn't fit for
the slot.

What is the use case you are trying to meet, as there might be other options?

Good Luck,

Jason A. Stowe
cell: 607.227.9686
main: 888.292.5320

Cycle Computing, LLC
Leader in Condor Grid Solutions
Enterprise Condor Support and Management Tools


On Mon, Jun 23, 2008 at 12:14 AM, Matthew Farrellee
<mfarrellee@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Johnson koil raj wrote:
>> Hi,
>>  It is possible to change the value of classADs  values dynamically for
>> a running job and if we can change the value, now the Current execute
>> machine is not fit for the job will the job moved to another matching
>> machine.
>> by
>> Johnson
> You can experiment with condor_qedit, but you'll have to force your job
> to restart (hold + release) if you want it to potentially match
> somewhere new.
> Best,
> matt
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