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Re: [Condor-users] A installation problem ,thanks for help!!

On Jun 25, 2008, at 7:48 AM, 张家贞 wrote:

when i install the condor, a error appeared!!! The content message is as follows:

# ./condor_install --install=/root/condor-7.0.1 --local-dir=/root/ condor-7.0.1 --type=manager,excute
Setting up Condor in /root/condor-7.0.1
Unable to find a valid Java installation
Java Universe will not work properly until the JAVA
(and JAVA_MAXHEAP_ARGUMENT) parameters are set in the configuration file! /root/condor-7.0.1/bin/condor_config_val: /root/condor-7.0.1/bin/ condor_config_val: cannot execute binary file
Unable to find local directory!

What operating system are you installing on? Exactly what did you download from the Condor web site? Can you give the full name of the tarball you downloaded? It looks like you got the wrong tarball for your operating system.

 what is the local directory?

You specified it in the command-line above as /root/condor-7.0.1. This is where Condor will store things like:

* The spool directory, where the submitted jobs are stored
* The execute directory where jobs run
* The log directory, where logs for the Condor process are stored.

It's considered the "local" directory, because once you install Condor on multiple computers, each computer should have it's own local directory, preferably on a local filesystem.

ps. There is no need to simultaneously email both condor-users and condor-admin. We read them both.


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