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[Condor-users] "Bad CONDOR_JOB_STATUS_CONSTRAINED Result" [Sec=Unclassified]

Condor_C Jobs are being submitted, executed and are showing as status Complete on the remote linux central manager but are not being returned to the windows submit machines.

The GridManager keeps returning the following error:


6/26 08:56:10 [1556] ERROR "Bad CONDOR_JOB_STATUS_CONSTRAINED Result" at line 3808 in file ..\src\condor_gridmanager\gahp-client.C


I also keep ending up with a core.C_GAHP.WIN32 core dump from the GAHP server.


The local scheddLog just keeps cycling through the following:


6/26 09:06:47 (pid:2236) Sent ad to central manager for troy_rob@xxxxxxxxxx

6/26 09:06:47 (pid:2236) Sent ad to 1 collectors for troy_rob@xxxxxxxxxx

6/26 09:06:47 (pid:2236) Started condor_gmanager for owner troy_rob pid=4988

6/26 09:06:50 (pid:2236) ZKM: setting default map to troy_rob

6/26 09:07:11 (pid:2236) condor_gridmanager (PID 4988, owner troy_rob) exited with return code 4.


And GahpLog:


6/26 09:08:51 Using config source: C:\condor\condor_config

6/26 09:08:51 Using local config sources:

6/26 09:08:51    C:\condor/condor_config.local

6/26 09:08:51 DaemonCore: Command Socket at <aaa.bb.cc.ddd:25951>

6/26 09:08:51 [5688] got stdin: COMMANDS

6/26 09:08:51 [5688] got stdin: ASYNC_MODE_ON

6/26 09:08:51 [5688] got stdin: CONDOR_JOB_STATUS_CONSTRAINED 2 erm-43880.xxx.yyy.zz ((SubmitterId=?="SCI-47798. xxx.yyy.zz "))

6/26 09:08:55 [5688] got stdin: CONDOR_JOB_STATUS_CONSTRAINED 3 erm-43880. xxx.yyy.zz False

6/26 09:09:11 [5688] got stdin: RESULTS

6/26 09:09:11 [5688] EOF reached on DaemonCore pipe 65536

6/26 09:09:11 [5688] stdin buffer closed, exiting



Please, does anyone have any ideas? 

I upgraded our Condor config to Condor-C to address problems for users submitting from laptops and now they are unable to receive their results.





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