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Re: [Condor-users] Matchmaking in grid universe

Jaime and I took a look at the negotiator code. We cannot explain how this used to work!

Anyway, based on our current understanding, the following should allow you to match more than 1 per cycle. Add/change the following attributes in your site ClassAds that you advertise with condor_advertise:

RemoteUser = "fake_user"
Rank = 1.0
CurrentRank = 0.0

Could you please try that and let us know if it solves your problem?

Sorry for the confusion on our end about this. We would like to get this fixed, because it appears that something is not right.


Enol Fernández wrote:
On Wed, Jun 11, 2008 at 18:37, Jaime Frey <jfrey@xxxxxxxxxxx <mailto:jfrey@xxxxxxxxxxx>> wrote:

    On Jun 10, 2008, at 2:36 AM, Enol Fernández wrote:

    I am trying to do matchmaking with Condor-C advertising to the
    collector a ClassAd similar to the one found in the Condor manual

    MyType         = "Machine"
    TargetType     = "Job"
    Name           = "some_name"
    Machine        = "some_name"
    grid_resource_name  = "condor schedd@mymachine mypool"
    Requirements = (CurMatches < 10) && (TARGET.JobUniverse == 9)
    Rank = 0.000000
    CurrentRank = 0.000000
    WantAdRevaluate = True
    Activity = "Idle"
    State = "Unclaimed"
    CurMatches = 0
    OpSys = "CondorC"
    Arch = "CondorC"

    and I am submitting 20 jobs using this description:

    universe = grid
    Executable = mytest.sh
    Output     = hello.out
    Error      = hello.err
    Log        = hello.log
    grid_resource = $$(grid_resource_name)
    Requirements = TARGET.grid_resource_name =!= UNDEFINED
    +remote_jobuniverse = 5
    +remote_requirements = (Arch == "INTEL") && (OpSys == "LINUX")
    +remote_ShouldTransferFiles = "YES"
    +remote_WhenToTransferOutput = "ON_EXIT"
    Queue 20

    What I have found is that the CurMatches is never increased after
    a successful match and that only one job is matched per
    negotiation cycle (I would expect 10 jobs matched).

    Is CurMatches supposed to be increased automatically or should I
    update the ad in the Collector? Is there a way to enforce more
    than one match per cycle?

    Try adding the following to the configuration file of the machine
    running your negotiator daemon (don't forget to run
    condor_reconfig afterwards):


    If that fixes the problem, it points out a bug that needs fixing
    in the negotiator.

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adding this option did not help, still only one match. I attach the negotiation cycle part of the Negotiator log, maybe this can help to track down the problem.


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