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Re: [Condor-users] Condor User Priorities

Hi Alain,

Thanks for the reply. Ok here I provide you more specific scenario.

For your information, the below case has been performed and the scenario
is as follows:
- I have only 1 machine (local machine).

Then I have submitted a simple job to my local machine.

According to the Condor manual page, the RUP formula is as follows:

3.4.4 Priority Calculation

The RUP of a user u at time t, pi_r(u,t), is calculated every time
interval delta t using the formula

	pi_r(u,t) = beta * pi(u,t-delta t) + (1-beta) * rho(u,t)

where rho(u,t) is the number of resources used by user u at time t, and
beta=0.5^(delta t/h). h is the half life period set by PRIORITY_HALFLIFE

The EUP of user u at time t, pi_e(u,t) is calculated by

	pi_e(u,t) = pi_r(u,t) * f(u,t)

where f(u,t) is the priority boost factor for user u at time t.

Fyi, to make it easier for me to monitor the user priorities, I have
configured the PRIORITY_HALFLIFE = 600 (10 minutes).

Here I attach the accountantnew.log file from Condor:

# Condor Accountantnew.log File
103 Customer.21004@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Priority 0.500000
103 Customer.21004@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx ResourcesUsed 1
103 Customer.21004@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx UnchargedTime 0
101 Resource.vm1@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx@<> * *
103 Resource.vm1@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx@<> RemoteUser
103 Resource.vm1@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx@<> StartTime
103 Accountant. LastUpdateTime 1214440307
103 Customer.21004@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Priority 0.646447
103 Customer.21004@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx AccumulatedUsage 900.000000
103 Customer.21004@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx LastUsageTime 1214440307
103 Customer.21004@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx UnchargedTime 0

According to the above log file, the Priority value before the job has
been submitted is 0.5 and on the next 10 minutes, Condor has updated to
the new value = 0.646447.

Can u guide me how the priority value has been calculated according to
the RUP formula?

This is my own understanding on the RUP formula and the result I got is
as follows:

RUP -> pi_r(u,t) = beta * pi(u,t-delta t) + (1-beta) * rho(u,t) Where 

Delta t = t2-t1 = 1200 - 600 = 600 (Is this correct?) H = 600 Beta =
0.5^(delta t/h) = 0.5^(600/600) = 0.5^1 = 0.5 pi(u,t-delta t) = The
priority value in the previous timeframe. I believe the value is 0.5 (Is
this also correct?)
rho(u,t) = resource used during time t = 1

RUP -> pi_r(u,t) = 0.5 * 0.5 + (1-0.5) * 1 = 0.25 + 0.5 = 0.75

According to the final calculation, I am supposed to get the Priority
value = 0.646447 (based on the log file) instead of 0.75 (my own
Please guide and correct me on the calculation that I have been made on
the RUP. 

Any helps from you guys are really appreciated!


Noorisyam Hamid

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On Jun 25, 2008, at 12:53 AM, Noorisyam Hamid wrote:
> Hi all,
> Actually I am very new in Condor environment. Just need your expertise

> in calculating the Condor user priorities.
> Hopefully you can guide me or send me a real calculation or scenario 
> on how Condor calculates the user priorities.
> My concern is on Real User priority (RUP). I have referred to the 
> Condor manual page, and still not clear enaough on the calculation.
> Please help!
I think that our best description is in the manual:

You can always look in the source code for the very precise answer, but
that probably won't be as easy to understand.

If that doesn't answer you questions, can you ask a more specific