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[Condor-users] Condor User Priorities

Title: Condor User Priorities

Hi All,

Here I provide you more specific scenario.

For your information, the below case has been performed and the scenario is as follows:
- I have only 1 machine (local machine).

Then I have submitted a simple job to my local machine.

According to the Condor manual page, the RUP formula is as follows:

3.4.4 Priority Calculation

The RUP of a user u at time t, pi_r(u,t), is calculated every time interval delta t using the formula

        pi_r(u,t) = beta * pi(u,t-delta t) + (1-beta) * rho(u,t)

where rho(u,t) is the number of resources used by user u at time t, and beta=0.5^(delta t/h). h is the half life period set by PRIORITY_HALFLIFE .

The EUP of user u at time t, pi_e(u,t) is calculated by

        pi_e(u,t) = pi_r(u,t) * f(u,t)

where f(u,t) is the priority boost factor for user u at time t.

Fyi, to make it easier for me to monitor the user priorities, I have configured the PRIORITY_HALFLIFE = 600 (10 minutes).

Here I attach the accountantnew.log file from Condor:

# Condor Accountantnew.log File
103 Customer.21004@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Priority 0.500000
103 Customer.21004@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx ResourcesUsed 1
103 Customer.21004@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx UnchargedTime 0
101 Resource.vm1@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx@<> * *
103 Resource.vm1@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx@<> RemoteUser "21004@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx"
103 Resource.vm1@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx@<> StartTime
103 Accountant. LastUpdateTime 1214440307
103 Customer.21004@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Priority 0.646447
103 Customer.21004@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx AccumulatedUsage 900.000000
103 Customer.21004@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx LastUsageTime 1214440307
103 Customer.21004@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx UnchargedTime 0

According to the above log file, the Priority value before the job has been submitted is 0.5 and on the next 10 minutes, Condor has updated to the new value = 0.646447.

Can u guide me how the priority value has been calculated according to the RUP formula?

This is my own understanding on the RUP formula and the result I got is as follows:

RUP -> pi_r(u,t) = beta * pi(u,t-delta t) + (1-beta) * rho(u,t) Where

Delta t = t2-t1 = 1200 - 600 = 600 (Is this correct?) H = 600 Beta = 0.5^(delta t/h) = 0.5^(600/600) = 0.5^1 = 0.5 pi(u,t-delta t) = The priority value in the previous timeframe. I believe the value is 0.5 (Is this also correct?)

rho(u,t) = resource used during time t = 1

RUP -> pi_r(u,t) = 0.5 * 0.5 + (1-0.5) * 1 = 0.25 + 0.5 = 0.75

According to the final calculation, I am supposed to get the Priority value = 0.646447 (based on the log file) instead of 0.75 (my own calculation).

Please guide and correct me on the calculation that I have been made on the RUP.

Any helps from you guys are highly appreciated!


Noorisyam Hamid