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Re: [Condor-users] suspending jobs - resourse efficiency questions

Burak Han Alver wrote:


I have questions about suspending condor jobs in favor of other condor jobs with configuration similar to the way described in

Do I understand correctly that:
1. The suspended job still uses memory and the running job will need to use less memory in principle?

The suspended job uses virtual memory, but not necessarily physical RAM. If the computer is configured to provide extra virtual memory on a disk (aka swap space), then the operating system will likely move the suspended job to disk if there is demand for its space in RAM.

2. The suspended job will not use CPU and the running job will be able to use all of the CPU even though two virtual machines are defined?

3. Even though the whole CPU is available, the ClassAd for the VM will advertise half the computing power?
Condor will advertise twice as much computing power as actually exists (because in this example policy, NUM_CPUS is set twice the actualy number of CPUs). However, the suspension policy ensures that only one job runs on the real CPU at a time.