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[Condor-users] Absolute beginner using Condor with C# seeks mentor

Can anyone advise a new user on setting up a very basic distributed grid to process jobs which are created in C# (visual studio 2008, NET 3.5 on windows XP/Vista)?


I am wanting to link together 3-4 old Dell machines in a local network (to act as the executing machines), then use Condor to allow me to use these to process a large number of separate (statistical) calculations (each one taking c. 30 seconds on a 2GHz Pentium 4), which have been generated on my desktop (the submit machine).  I am under the impression that all the messages from submit will have to go via another machine (central manager/ checkpoint server).


If someone with knowledge of doing this in C# was willing to “take me under their wing” and guide me through setting all this up, then that would be ideal!


Any advice gratefully received.