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Re: [Condor-users] Altering slot types

Craig Bruce wrote:
I have a 4GB RAM Linux machine with 2 CPUs, running 7.0.1, I want to
allocate 1GB RAM to one slot and 3GB to the other.

So I add this to the config file:
SLOT_TYPE_1 = ram=25%
SLOT_TYPE_2 = ram=75%

When I check the values via condor_config_val, they are present, but
condor_status still shows 2GB per slot. I have shutdown all daemons and
started fresh.

I've tried all combinations of ram, mem and 1/4, 2000 and all seem to be

I just tried the same setup above on my machine (2 cores, Windows XP, Condor v6.9.5, 3gig of physical ram), and got the same unexpected result - ram resources were divided evenly.

Later today I hope take a closer look at what is going on, and will report back to the list.