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Re: [Condor-users] Using Condor for interactive work

Ian Chesal wrote:
Is it possible to use Condor to run interactive jobs?  I have poked
around using google but can find no clear answer to that question.

We use Condor to launch xterms and VNC sessions on dedicated machines in
our server room, back on the submitting user's desktop. So, yes, it's
possible. Not going to say it's easy. But it can be done.

Ian idea above (submitting xterms) is great for running interactive jobs that you want scheduled (queued).

Another idea is to use condor_findhost - see

condor_ findhost searches a Condor pool of machines for the best machine or machines that will have the minimum impact on running Condor jobs if the machine or machines are taken out of the pool. The search may be limited to the machine or machines that match a set of constraints and rank expression.

For your interactive work that you want launched immediately, you could ssh to a machine suggested by condor_findhost. In addition, you could set your START expression to not schedule jobs being used by interactive users by avoiding machines with keyboard activity (which includes pty activity created by ssh).

- Ian

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