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Re: [Condor-users] Installing and Testing condor on W2K3 environm ent

Todd, Akinola:

I have been running Condor on Windows 2003 Server (32 bit) for many
years. My existing Condor pool is running 6.6.11, I skipped over the 6.8
series.  My first encounter with the error 5 bug was with 7.0.0.


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Akinola.Oke@xxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
> Thanks, it works.
> Which version of condor are you using? I am asking because I feel the 
> problem might have to do with recent version. I once tried condor 
> between March and July 2007, I did not have to make such changes and
> worked.

Hi Akinola. Just to double check - were you using W2K3 back in March


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>     >3/11 21:21:28 Create_Process: CreateProcess failed, errno=5
>     Error 5 on Windows is Access Denied.  I was having this very same
>     problem on Windows 2003 Server.  I tried many things and stumbled
>     upon a fix (for me at least) quite by accident.  Try revoking the
>     condor-reuse-user's SeBatchLogonRight.
>     Procedure:
>     Open *Adminstrative Tools | Local Security Settings*
>     Expand *Local Policies*
>     Click *User Rights Assignment*
>     Double click *Log on as a batch job*
>     Select each instance of /condor-reuse-slot_/ and click *Remove*.
>     This fixed the problem on each of the W2K3 servers in my test
>     For some reason Windows XP is unaffected by this.
>     Please let me know if this works for you.
>     -Bryan

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