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Re: [Condor-users] ULOG_IMAGE_SIZE

Alexander Dietz wrote:

I am running a DAG on a machine with condor 7.0 and I wonder what the statement "ULOG_IMAGE_SIZE" means within the output file, e.g.:

3/14 20:44:31 Event: ULOG_IMAGE_SIZE for Condor Node c88844f11f7e58ba1c17a52bc5df6e48 (1440754.0)

I searched the documentation for this expression as well as the condor-page but did not(!) find any hints what this message could be.

Take a peek at section 2.6.6 in the Condor Manual --


From the manual, it says:
Event Name: Image size of job updated
Event Description: This is informational. It is referring to the memory that the job is using while running.

So what is going on is Condor monitors the image size (memory usage of the job), and whenever the submit machine receives an update that the memory usage of the job changed, by default you'll get an information event in the job log telling you what the new size is.

Maybe someone can give an explanation?

Sure.  See above.  :)

And maybe things like (e.g. condor messages) that can be explained better on the condor-page? That would be really much more convenient as guessing around...

On the "condor-page" ? For better or worse, the bulk of the documentation on the Condor software is in the Condor Manual. It is available in print (PDF, Postscript) formats, and it is also online as HTML --
The Manual has a reasonably decent index, and in the online version of the manual, the index is hyperlinked.

Personally, I also have a copy of the Condor Manual on my Palm Treo phone in Plucker format - rather geeky I know, but I'd be happy to share it with anyone.

Of course, like most projects, the documentation has room for improvement. We are trying - contributions welcome. :)

Hope the above helps,