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[Condor-users] condor_master

I have just downloaded and installed condor and done:

sudo su -
cd /opt/condor
cd sbin

I get the erroor

Can't open "/home/condor/hosts/abitibi/log/MasterLog"
3/20 11:50:15 dprintf() had a fatal error in pid 1175
Can't open "/home/condor/hosts/abitibi/log/MasterLog"
errno: 13 (Permission denied)
euid: 9422, ruid: 0

When I chown and chmod all of /home/condor to be condor:root and go+rw the error goes away, but neither does condor start.  The log file shows:

3/20 11:24:01 Failed to bind to command ReliSock
3/20 11:24:01 (Make sure your IP address is correct in /etc/hosts.)
3/20 11:24:01 ERROR "BindAnyCommandPort failed" at line 7138 in file daemon_core.C

However this is from 30 minutes earlier than my latest "# ./condor_master", so again it seems that nothing is happening (and there are no condor processes running).

Where do I find logging output?  Can I get condor to log to stdout?  Any ideas why it refuses to start?


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