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[Condor-users] Problem with Condor standalone library

 I have been trying to checkpoint one of my applications using condor's standalone library. What I am doing is:

condor_compile gcc myapp.c -o myapp

then according to condor's manual, sending ctrl-Z signal should take a checkpoint myapp.ckpt and stop.
But the problem is, when I send ctrl-Z signal, it takes creates a file - myapp.ckpt.tmp and prints - Killed in the standard output.

The output is:
Condor: Notice: Will checkpoint to ./myapp.ckpt
Condor: Notice: Remote system calls disabled.
Killed  <-- at this point I sent CTRL-Z

then, when I am trying to restart the process by writing -

./myapp -_condor_restart myapp.ckpt.tmp

it says something like :
Condor: Notice: Will restart from myapp.ckpt.tmp

Could you please put some light on what I am doing wrong here? And another question is how to send SIGUSR2 signal , I mean CTRL-?
I will appreciate any help. Thank you.

- Tan