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Re: [Condor-users] Number of VMs not correctly detected automatically

Ángel de Vicente wrote:


Steven Timm wrote:
You could just force NUM_CPUS=8 and that will do what you want.

Yes, but we have plenty of machines, some with 2 CPUs, some with 4, some with 8, and in a few months the same name will "go" to another machine with different number of CPUs, so as far as possible I want to stay away from fixing anything in the config files. Ideally I would like to tell Condor: "find and consider all available CPUs, not counting HyperThreading, and the moment there is any activity in the machine, leave the whole lot". Do you think that is possible?
old style:

new style:

It would be more elegant if you could phrase that more like "all slots are connected to the keyboard" rather than picking a number out of the air, but at least it will be a while before 1000 is too small.