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[Condor-users] nonsensical ImageSize values

Checking the health of my pool, I sometimes look for excessive ImageSizes,
and this time I got

# condor_status -f "%s " 'substr(Name,0,10)' -f "%s " 'substr(RemoteOwner,0,2)' -f "%s " 'Cmd' -f "%gM " 'ImageSize/1024' -f "\n" test | sort -rn -k+3 | head -n10
slot1@o319 be 11336M
slot1@o389 be 11245M
slot2@o246 be 11201M
slot1@o444 be 11178M
slot1@o055 be 11098M
slot2@o615 be 571M
slot2@o611 be 571M
slot2@o609 be 571M
slot2@o608 be 571M
slot2@o607 be 571M

These slots are about 1GB in size, and the total swap space for two of
them is 2GB, so anything beyond 4GB is clearly nonsensical.
Since I intend to use ImageSize to preempt users' jobs which are exceeding
their memory limits, I want to make sure that jobs don't get removed due
to wrong figures. 
What's the detail I have overlooked???


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