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Re: [Condor-users] Parallel jobs Matlab in Condor!

Vinicius da Cunha M. Borges wrote:

I would like to run my parallel Matlab executable on several Windows clients of the my condor pool (i.e., clusters of windowsXP machines).

I compiled my Matlab program with the command:	mcc -m program.m

The executable file still requires other dll-s from Matlab (e.g., Parallel Computing toolbox).

Yes and I am not sure they are available in the runtime for the compiler. Compiled Matlab jobs require access to a runtime to actually
run and the runtime I am looking at does not that toolbox.

Their Distributed Computing Server has scripts which
can be written to support other schedulers including Condor.
I am looking at what it might entail. No time estimates
or promises yet.

It will likely still require their Distributed Computing Server
and license model.

Condor Team

How can I compile a matlab program, that all the required dlls are already

included in the executable file? Or how can I use Condor as Job Manager or Generic scheduler for submitting my parallel Matlab script ? Any Idea or suggestion?
Thank you!

Vinicius da Cunha Martins Borges, PhD Student
University of Coimbra (UoC)
Member of the Laboratory of Communications and Telematics (LCT)
Department of Informatics Engineering (DEI),
P.O. Polo II. 3030-290 Coimbra - Portugal
E-mail: vcmartins@xxxxxxxxx <mailto:vcmartins@xxxxxxxxx> or cresio@xxxxxxxxx <mailto:cresio@xxxxxxxxx>


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