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Re: [Condor-users] how to define job's lifetime in queue

Yu Fu wrote:

Is there a way to define a job's lifetime in the queue, i.e., if a
job has been waiting in the queue for longer than a certain time it
will be removed and cleaned up automatically from the queue?



You could specify a periodic_remove macro in your job submit file ---
see the man page for condor_submit.  This would allow you to control on
a per-job basis.

If you want to setup the above for all jobs in a given schedd, use
SYSTEM_PERIODIC_REMOVE in your condor_config file.  From the manual:

> This expression behaves identically to the job
expression periodic_remove, but it is evaluated by the condor_ schedd
daemon individually for each job in the queue. It defaults to False.
When True, it causes the job to be removed from the queue. Here is an
example that removes jobs which have been on hold for 30 days:

>  (JobStatus == 5 && CurrentTime - EnteredCurrentStatus > 3600*24*30)