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Re: [Condor-users] Help Confuse : Condor-G and Globus Job Type

condor-users-bounces@xxxxxxxxxxx schrieb am 05/09/2008 08:30:59 AM:

> > You'd have to modify condor.pm. You could use pbs.pm, which already
> > contains support for the 'mpi' job type, as a guide.
> >
> >> i want all condor job (vanilla,java,parallel,and standard) are 
> > through
> >> condor-G
> >
> > As you noticed, vanilla and standard are already implemented.
> > 'parallel' could be implemented as Globus job type 'mpi'.  (add 
> > for the missing job type 'mpi' in the 'submit' subroutine)
> > 'java' is an odd one out. I guess an acceptable solution might be to 
> > 'java' same as 'single', but perhaps detect that the executable is 
> > and translate that sort of job into the Condor universe. Possibly you
> > could also use WS-GRAM extensions mechanism to pass through 
> > attributes specific only to the 'java' universe:
> >
> i have added handling for job type 'mpi' to use 'condor parallel 
> and modify condor-G job submission file, it works corectly now.

If your solution works in general, please consider opening a bug report 
for WS-GRAM in Globus Bugzilla and contributing a patch.

> I can only add handling to globus job type, and still cannot 'add' job
> type  for example 'java' type. Is that some kind of standard that globus
> only accept  single|multiple|mpi|condor, and not other type of job ?

Yes. The job types are part of the WS-GRAM schema and are listed in file 
job_description.xsd. Some WS-GRAM Java code is generated from this schema 
(e.g., JobTypeEnumeration.java). So it would be more difficult and 
invasive to add a new job type.

Jan Ploski