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Re: [Condor-users] Help Confuse : Condor-G and Globus Job Type

>> 3. when globus job type is mpi or java, then it's undefined. Is that
> true
>> ? But why i didn't get any error with this job type and job executed
>> normally like i execute the executable program with command "./test2" ?
> i
>> have set GRIDMANAGER_DEBUG = D_FULLDEBUG to get brief information.
> Why not? The globusrsl stuff was altogether ignored and the default job
> type 'single' was assumed.

You're Right, globusrsl seems not available animore in globus 4.0.7. When
i submit with globusrsl, it assume that job is single|multiple. i knew it
when i look in the log file of condor execute node, it received Vanilla
job (because in condor.pm single or multiple job will use vanilla

> You'd have to modify condor.pm. You could use pbs.pm, which already
> contains support for the 'mpi' job type, as a guide.
>> i want all condor job (vanilla,java,parallel,and standard) are available
> through
>> condor-G
> As you noticed, vanilla and standard are already implemented.
> 'parallel' could be implemented as Globus job type 'mpi'.  (add handling
> for the missing job type 'mpi' in the 'submit' subroutine)
> 'java' is an odd one out. I guess an acceptable solution might be to treat
> 'java' same as 'single', but perhaps detect that the executable is 'java'
> and translate that sort of job into the Condor universe. Possibly you
> could also use WS-GRAM extensions mechanism to pass through user-defined
> attributes specific only to the 'java' universe:

i have added handling for job type 'mpi' to use 'condor parallel universe'
and modify condor-G job submission file, it works corectly now.

I can only add handling to globus job type, and still cannot 'add' job
type  for example 'java' type. Is that some kind of standard that globus
only accept  single|multiple|mpi|condor, and not other type of job ?

Thanks for your advice. It's very Helpfull