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[Condor-users] Condor-G Features

Hello There ....

I have installed Condor-G which bundled with condor 7.0.1 and now it can
submit job to Globus.
I have some question According to two condor-G features : check point and

1. Condor-G doesn't support check point.
When Condor-G submit to Globus, condor-G can submit job type "Condor"
which   use "Standard Universe". And "Standard universe" supports "Check
point". So I think condor-G also support Check point but not directly
(when we use condor as local scheduler). Is that true ?

2. Condor-G doesn't support Matchmaking
In manual, condor not support matchmaking but can use Glide-In mechanism
to run condor daemons (startd) on remote resource, so matchmaking can be
done in this way. Is there any other mechanism now that can be used beside
Glide-In (in currently version of condor-G) ?