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[Condor-users] Help please: only one job runs, others are idle

I have a local network of two linux machines, host1 and host2. I installed condor 6.8.8 on both. I configured host1 to be the central manager. Each machine has its own installation of condor, but there is a directory /nfs shared ? shared file system (host1 is the server, host2 is the client). I submit jobs using condor from this directory.
The problem is when I submit several executables (one after another, execute condor_submit several times), only the first job runs, the others are sitting Idle in the queue. Also for some reason the first job always runs on host2, regardless whether I submit it from host2 or from host1. Looks like it doesn?t want to run on the central manager. How do I make all the jobs I submit running? The reason I installed this software is to be able to run multiple jobs in parallel. Also why does the first job always go to host2.
Appreciate any help.