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[Condor-users] GAHP and proxy

Dear Condor Team:

     I am experiencing a problem with Condor-G submission. Below is a segment copied from GrimanagerLog that explained the issue. My question is that where exactly does GAHP server copy the proxy certificate from? I have tried generating new proxy and restarting Condor before resubmitting another job but nothing worked. Also, globus-job-run command was successful so I really don't see why proxy is problematic. It's been forever that I keep getting stuck with INITIALIZE_FROM_FILE failure ...  :(

5/14 18:23:10 [7388] GAHP[7414] <- 'INITIALIZE_FROM_FILE /tmp/condor_g_scratch.0x85c5e48.23467/master_proxy.2'
5/14 18:23:10 [7388] GAHP[7414] -> 'F' '7' 'Failed to activate Globus' 'modules'
5/14 18:23:10 [7388] GAHP command 'INITIALIZE_FROM_FILE' failed: 7
5/14 18:23:10 [7388] GAHP: Failed to initialize from file
5/14 18:23:10 [7388] (11.0) Error initializing GAHP

- B. C.