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Re: [Condor-users] [newbie question: how can i run a job on machine that have a owner state]

thanks for your help.

Todd Tannenbaum wrote:
Jean-Pierre Ocalan wrote:

So owner means that the machine is used by the machine owner so I condor cannot using it. But still I don't understand ... I've created a special user for condor so I'm the owner of this machine ... and I'm not using it ... so how can this be possible ?

Can somebody help me please ?

In your condor_config file, the "START" expression states when Condor is allowed to start a job on the machine. If START evaluates to False, then by default the machine will say it is in Owner state and not run any jobs until Start evaluates to True.

So for example, if you want Condor to use your machine whenever it wants and for however long it wants, change the settings in your condor_config to be like so:


The Manual section Rob pointed out in the previous email has all the details...

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