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[Condor-users] Owner status?

I have a couple of our condor boxes that have

    Start = TARGET.IsTestJob =?= TRUE

in their condor_config so that only jobs that have

    +IsTestJob = TRUE

in their job submission files will be run on these boxes.
In my testing so far, it's working great.  I ran 150 hello world
jobs on my cluster, and without the IsTestJob attribute the jobs
ignored the test boxes, and with the attribute set the jobs 
ran on the test machines just fine.

The strange thing is that condor_status shows these boxes as
being in the Owner state.  I had thought that the Owner state was
for boxes that were being used by the owner of the machine, thus making
it unavailable to condor, but perhaps any Start requirement that isn't
satisfied by default leads to that state?

Grant Goodyear		
web: http://www.grantgoodyear.org	
e-mail: grant@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx