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Re: [Condor-users] Condor Fair Share ?

>Need your advice on the below issue.

Your configuration doesn't make any sense...  :(.  

Perhaps you are guessing about what the config settings do from there terse hints in the default condor_config?  Unfortunately, this cannot be accomplished ;-).  Seriously you really need to carefully read Section 3.4 of the Condor Manual.  If you already did this, perhaps if you posted here what policy/rules you want to observe, folks on the forum could suggest what to put into the config file...

># define the groups in your pool
>GROUP_NAMES = group_pend, group_penn21004
># specify what share of the pool (# of batch slots) each group should
>GROUP_QUOTA_A   	= 50
>This means I have defined two groups (A and B). 

I don't think it does... take a look at manual section 3.4 is you haven't already...

>I have created a simple vanilla job with perl script. 
>$indexSize = 500;
>for ($i=1; $i<=$indexSize; $i++){
>	my @arg = system("condor_submit name.submit");
>I use the perl script to keep submitting the same job for 500 times and
>the script has been executed on both machines. 

why not just replace "queue" with "queue 500" in your submit file?

>The reason of this test
>is actually to verify the Condor fair-share according to the group quota
>defined in the central manager (condor_config) file. 
>According to the group quota defined in the policy, in whatever
>situation, group B should take 2 times the amount of Condor resources
>compared to group A? Am I right? 


>Is there are any other configurations that I missed out to make the
>group quota works properly.

If all you want is for user A to get an average of twice as many machines as user B over time period C, you don't need groups or group quotas - instead use condor_user_prio and specify priority factors.

Also, it appears that you think it matters where a job is submitted from.  In Condor, it doesn't matter if you submit from machine A or from machine B as far as the user priority of the job.  Condor determines the priority of the job from attributes within the job itself (Owner and optionally AccountingGroup), not from what machine is was submitted from.

>Thanks in advance for your advice. 

Hope the above points you in the right direction,