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[Condor-users] No data stored @ Quill

Hi everybody,
I have Condor installed on 4 machines, one of them the Central Manager & Submit Machine, and the rest of them, the Execute ones.
Submit Machine is supposed to store the database (Quill) and run the condor_quill and condor_dbmsd. Although it seems to work OK, and there are no message errors in the log files (QuillLog and DbmsdLog), no data is stored in the database. The condor_q returns the queue of running or waiting jobs, but the condor_history command returns nothing:

No historical jobs in the database match your query

I have checked the tables, querying the database using the PosgreSQL command psql, and most of the tables have 0 rows.
I would apreciate any help to find the problem, as I can't see which might be the cause.