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[Condor-users] jobs are not being distributed among the machines

I recently upgraded my windows condor pool from 6.8.7 to 7.0.5 my central manager and all the execute/submit nodes. I can submit/execute jobs fine locally and through the network by using condor_store_cred configuration. On all the nodes after the upgrade I copied the old condor_config file to guarantied my previous configuration will remain intact and it worked because the functionality of my pool remains operational.

On some jobs that require to run a batch file multiple times I noticed once the job claims the first available node it will not move to the next available node. Since the upgrade the systems that in the past were listed as vm1, vm2 are now being displayed as slot1, slot2… I don’t know if the new upgrade had something to do with it but want to formulate the question if there is anything I need to addition in the condor_config file to make  

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