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Re: [Condor-users] problem with condor_install

On Mon, 2008-10-20 at 14:37 +0530, Prateek Agarwal wrote:
> I get this error when I try to install condor--
> Detected O/S 'Debian', installer 'APT'
> Condor requires 'libssp.so.0':
>   I don't know what package will provide this library
>   You need to find and install this package with your
>   O/S package installer (APT)
>   Try something like 'apt-get install libssp.so.0' (as root)

What OS are you actually running? Debian, or a Debian-derivative such as
Ubuntu? If Debian you should be able to just apt-get install libssp (if
that doesn't work, do "apt-cache search libssp" to see if there's a
package with a slightly different name). If you're running Ubuntu or
something, try downloading the RHEL5 condor binary instead of the Debian
one - the newer glibc in current Ubuntu distros means that the separate
libssp package no longer exists for them.