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[Condor-users] Condor-G caches expired proxy certificate?


I have a question regarding proxy certificate management in Condor-G 
7.0.1. Here is what I observed in chronological order:
1. I submitted 2 Condor-G jobs yesterday.
2. The proxy certificate used by the jobs expired before the jobs' 
3. The jobs were not halted (should they?).
4. I recreated my proxy manually with grid-proxy-init.
5. I submitted another Condor-G job to the same WS GRAM host, but THIS job 
was held on fileStageIn with a message in GridmanagerLog that my proxy 
certificate expired.
6. I removed this new job, submitted it again, same error.

It worked only after I removed all jobs and then resubmitted the new one. 
So I guess the question is: how exactly does Condor-G cache the proxy 
certificate and why does it prefer using an expired certificate instead of 
the fresh one? Is this a bug?

Jan Ploski