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Re: [Condor-users] Condor-G caches expired proxy certificate?

On Wed, 22 Oct 2008, Jan Ploski wrote:


I have a question regarding proxy certificate management in Condor-G
7.0.1. Here is what I observed in chronological order:
1. I submitted 2 Condor-G jobs yesterday.
2. The proxy certificate used by the jobs expired before the jobs'
3. The jobs were not halted (should they?).
No--the idea is that you should be able to renew your certificate
and get your results back.
4. I recreated my proxy manually with grid-proxy-init.
5. I submitted another Condor-G job to the same WS GRAM host, but THIS job
was held on fileStageIn with a message in GridmanagerLog that my proxy
certificate expired.
6. I removed this new job, submitted it again, same error.

It worked only after I removed all jobs and then resubmitted the new one.
So I guess the question is: how exactly does Condor-G cache the proxy
certificate and why does it prefer using an expired certificate instead of
the fresh one? Is this a bug?

Are you using condor_submit -spool?
If so it would cache the file as part of the submission
but otherwise it should forward the new proxy to the old jobs
and the new jobs, as long as it is in the same file name as below.
If it didn't, then something is wrong.
What's the output of condor_q -l | grep -i x509userproxy
for the job in question?

Jan Ploski
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